Most predators who commit sexual assault are stalkers, even if they commit what is referred to as a crime of opportunity. They will take a few minutes to plan when to abduct or attack the victim without being seen. Some predators commit what Betsy Ramsey calls “pre-mediated opportunity.” They go out with the express purpose of assaulting someone. Anyone can become the victim of sexual assault.

Currently sexual harassment cases are in the news. Hopefully it will make perpetrators realize that it is inappropriate behavior. Harassment can lead to sexual battery (improper touching) and rape which are crimes.

When children are sexually victimized it will likely impact their lives into adulthood if they don’t receive professional help. Others may not remember the crime, but know that something is wrong. Parents should not let anyone take their child without monitoring. No matter who the person may be they should be checked out.

Parents should also be alert to children/adults who show excessive interest in their child. This does not automatically mean that the person is a criminal. A caring teacher or adult can have a positive impact on a child’s life, but it must be an appropriate relationship. Betsy says, “Pay attention to who is paying attention to your child.”

Human Trafficking – this is a crime that may be committed against victims who come from other countries or those who live in the United States. Teenagers, young girls and young boys may end up as victims. Some are abducted and forced to become prostitutes or forced into labor by being lured by the promise of a better life.


  • Sexual Assault Centers are across the United States
  • The National Sexual Assault Telephone Hotline/RAINN 800 656-HOPE (4673)
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