Paying attention to your surroundings may help to avoid becoming the victim of a crime.


  • Be aware of the people around you
  • Don’t approach a location, your vehicle or any other situation if you feel unsafe. It’s okay to trust your instincts.
  • If you don’t feel uncomfortable, say “I forgot” and walk away without turning your back on the person or area.
  • Check the back seat of your vehicle before entering
  • If approached by someone with a weapon who wants to abduct you, don’t go quietly no matter what they say. If you were not going to be hurt you wouldn’t be abducted. Scream, yell “I don’t know you, leave me alone” or some way to get other people’s attention. Even if no one helps, they may take photos on their cell or get a tag number of the vehicle. Hopefully they will also call 911.
  • Don’t get in your mind how a criminal should look. Anyone can be a criminal, male or female. Remember Ted Bundy. He didn’t look like a serial killer.
  • Don’t give out personal information over the telephone, on electronic devices, or any other way unless you are sure the request is valid.
  • Be aware that anyone can use a spoof ID program and the number or name of a company you do business with may appear. If you are asked for personal information, look at the number and call to confirm that there is a problem.
  • Right click on the email address to determine who sent it
  • If told that someone has been kidnapped, is in jail or whatever the scenario and you are asked to send money or give out your credit card number, it may be a scam. Check it out first.
  • Avoid someone skimming your credit information from your purse or wallet, by purchasing items or sleeves with RFID. If using your passport, it is recommended that you purchase a passport sleeve with RFID.

These are a few suggestions. Unfortunately, you can’t trust many people today. Be aware and be cautious.

Personal Protection Items

Choosing an item for personal protection is based on your personality. If someone would not be able to fire a gun, she/he doesn’t need one. The same is true of other items. If an item needs to be charged regularly and you will forget, you don’t need that item. Any personal protection items should be easily accessible, easy to use and helpful in thwarting an attack.


  • Locate a self defense class in your area or online
  • Check out items on
  • Email Betsy Ramsey if you are not sure what item will work for you